MasterMind: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”- Napoleon Hill

Matt’s MasterMind- Grow Your SEO Business To The Next Level With Friends Who Are Doing The Same

Congratulations for being invited to join MasterMind. If you’ve reached this page without Matt or his staff personally sending you this URL, please close the page. It is only for those who have been invited, sorry.

When you join MasterMind, here’s what you’re going to get:

1. Biweekly MasterMind webinars with Matt and fellow members. Matt will share current techniques, LIVE sites he’s optimizing, and test results. As a part of MasterMind, you need to contribute. You get what you give and that’s very true of this group. Other members have already committed to sharing what’s working for them and Matt will open up ALL of his techniques & software for you to benefit from.

2. Private Facebook MasterMind Group. All MasterMind members will be invited to join a private Facebook group where continuous discussion of current monthly topics, test results, software, and more will happen.

3. Training on Matt’s GoogleMyBusiness Verification System. You’ll have everything you need to verify a local listing at any address. No postcards, no talking to Google.

After you join MasterMind, you’ll need to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It is vital that all members keep the secrets learned and shared to this group only. Matt is opening his entire business and his most valuable methods to you and others will be doing the same. All members agree to respect that. Should any member even hint at violating this- they will be removed from the group.

4. Access to Matt’s private college scholarship software and email list. You’ll be able to run scholarship linking campaigns on your own, for your clients, at huge profits. Or use this for your own sites. One member already has a plan to use this for a mega-PBN- a great idea! Once again, all members agree to respect the email list. If you plan on doing a scholarship every day, don’t apply to the program. We don’t want this ruined for everyone. Use the tool but don’t spam it. Also, members shall not be selling services to other SEOs on forums or other marketplaces. If you want to offer to friends/clients, that’s fine, but we do not want to see Scholarship campaigns for sale on Fiverr/Konker/BlackHatWorld, etc. Respect the technique and use it for a long time to come.

5. Access to iAutoM8 Flagship Software in summer of 2017. We have been building an automation platform to systemize your entire business and you’ll be the first to have beta access to it. Once beta access is complete, you’ll then have full access to the software for you, VA’s, vendors, clients- all included with no further fees as long as you are a MasterMind member. As a MasterMind member you’ll be receiving Matt’s personal Formulas for SEO automation. Members will also share their Formulas with other Members to build collaborative domination! Value: $150 monthly + once this software launches to the public.

6. Site reviews– need Matt to look at a site of yours that is stuck or you need a 2nd set of eyes on to make sure you’re doing something right? Bring them to Matt and he’ll take a look.

Topics that we’ll cover during MasterMind:

Optimizing Single Location Businesses
Optimizing Multilocation Businesses
Link tiering, boosting links
PBN strategies
Recruiting VA’s/Outsourcers
Training VA’s
How To Manage A Large Agency
Getting things done without doing them yourself
and much more…

ONLY apply if you have consider yourself a “Golden Rule’r- meaning you get what you give”

The value you get from MasterMind will be in direct proportion to the value you GIVE to other members and to applying what you learn and sharing that.

We’re Going To Grow Everyone’s Business To The Next Level- And We’re Going To Do It TOGETHER

Once you complete your PayPal payment below, Matt will message you to have a phone interview to discuss your goals with the program and to confirm you’re a good fit and will contribute to the group.

Our first session will begin on Tuesday April 18, 2017 at 8:30 P.M. EST. All sessions will be recorded and posted to our private group.

NOTE: MasterMind is a 6 month minimum commitment. Most people will want to stay on indefinitely because they’ll be getting such value from the interaction, tools, and growth that they’re seeing that they won’t even think about NOT having MasterMind. Because we’re giving away our GoogleMyBusiness verification system, our private scholarship system & more, this 6 month commitment is to protect you, the other members, and our secrets. The NDA remains in full effect whether or not you’re a member beyond this time.

With that said, let’s DO IT!